Classroom Teachers & School Administrators
We know that punishment and rewards are harmful to 
children in the long term, but how is a teacher supposed to keep order in his/her classroom without them? 
As well, teachers and school staff learn how to:
  • Create a classroom and school climate that enhances academic learning
  • Use encouragement instead of praise and rewards
  • Understand the motivation behind students’ behaviour
  • Instil valuable social skills and positive behaviour through class meetings
  • Empower students to be a community of problem solvers
Bring a Positive Discipline Workshop to your school division or individual school.  Workshops are available in a variety of formats from a 1hr. Info presentation to a 2 day training workshop “Positive Discipline in the Classroom”.
Positive Discipline in the Classroom materials and workshops provide the foundation for fostering cooperation, problem solving skills, and mutual respect in children without punishment and rewards.

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