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Upcoming Workshops & Events

“Positive Discipline Solutions” offers parent workshops and materials aimed at helping parents become the best parent they can be.  Our workshops and materials cover a range of topics and incorporate Positive Discipline principles that are relevant to each specific topic.  

We provide parents with non-punitive, respectful tools that incorporate kindness and firmness into parenting while teaching children important life skills at the same time. 
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 There is an emphasis is on helping children become caring, cooperative and capable. 
Our workshops and materials teach parents how to apply Positive Discipline principles to common behaviour concerns such as:
  • not listening
  • back talk
  • homework hassles, 
  • morning and bedtime problems,
  • defiance 
  • and many others

Workshops are fun, interactive, and are designed to create long term change in the child and parent -- not just a short term quick fix.  Attend a scheduled Positive Discipline workshop or organize one with friends and family to take place in your home, church or work setting.  Online classes and workshops are available, too.

The "Discipline with Influence"
Online Parent Program

"Learn positive, respectful & effective discipline methods at your own pace & in the privacy of 
your own home!"

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